Michelle Carter Whole Health Coach
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Hello. Congratulations on taking the first step in gaining control of your health.

Somewhere deep inside have you awakened to the realization that doctors and medications cannot heal your dis-"ease" or emotional state?

If your answer is "yes", please allow me to awaken your power of self healing.

Whole health education and coaching is a systematic process developed over the past 35 years by the National Institute of Whole Health (www.NIWH.org).

Using this model, you will look at your life from the "big picture of health". Also known as the five-element approach, you will identify and analyze different aspects of your being. If desired, the process is enhanced with a natal astrological report, allowing you a new way of looking at your specific life energies and the possibility of changing old ways of thinking about yourself.

Whole health coaching is not meant to take the place of traditional medicine, but instead acts as an adjunct therapy. The intention is that together we will design a workable life plan for you to add to your current course of treatment. The entire process is designed to put you in control of your healing!

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